Paranoid Park

by Lovelight The Messenger

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All recording, mixing, mastering done by Upton Sinclaire


released July 14, 2013

All recording, mixing, mastering done by Upton Sinclaire




Lovelight The Messenger Montevallo, Alabama

Split/Brain is comprised of Lovelight, The Messenger and producer Upton Sinclaire. They're still in college, and they make dope music. They stay spreading positive subliminal messages while giving you constant eargasms. Don't shoot.

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Track Name: Quickie
Jumping on this track got you feeling like you Seventeen
After taking copious amounts of methamphetamines
O.D., spleen bleeds now you jokers dead to me
Administrator to the music students, im the meloDEAN
Influential black man Morgan Freeman now you see me
But im low key like Je-See- Hou-Di-Ni
Yeah I heard your mixtape and I seen your video
Claim that you was too trill tell me sumn I didn’t know
This the most dangerous game, man im Hunting tracks
This the most dangerous fame, man they hunting blacks
Im working hard, Im almost at my first hunned tracks
Play this on the radio, they callin in to run it back
Eddie lacey, workhorse, teams freakin runnin back
Your new stuff sound worse so my team freakin punted that
Im getting pretty loud, neighbors told me Tone it down
Im just tryna to hone my sound, so I can get the throne and crown
Now we in the building elevator, hit the top floor
Just started, Beat the rap game twice top score
. . .And now you wantin more. . .
Track Name: T.A.W.G. (Time Alone With God)
Not really nostalgic, I don’t like my past
Lotta mistakes made, a lotta shade cast
Im a terrible son, horrible brother
I wish me and my older sisters had the same mother
Cause lord knows I miss my sisters
But were all getting old soon they’ll both have misters
And they’ll both be MRS.
Am I too old for cheek kisses
I remember being in Lexis room looking at her wall
Letters from every college imaginable man she had it all
And I was like 14, still sleeping in the same bed
No concept that being weird even in my head (laugh)
You layed down put my chest on your feet I know the feelin
Youre so freaking tall my head almost hit the ceiling, fan
who get me like Deedee can
sometimes I feel that youre the only one in that family that understands
the difficulty of the situation
looks like we both might not have that final graduation
which is funny cause youre the more practical one
Lexis smart but youre the more matter of factual one
And your words can be like knives man they cut deep
But I still alternated beds when I went to sleep
And you don’t know but in my heart I lift you both up
Didn’t know when we parted ways I got choked up
You guys just got a lot of opportunities I never had
But a lot of those included dad so I aint even mad


And im still haunted, im still haunted always
I swear I saw Lucifer in my hallway
He said give for real man you cant win
So I swallowed all those pills and washed it down with sin
. . .turns out I cant win for losing
expected to go to sleep forever, woke up feeling woozy

And I just found out I got another loan
so . . . things will be looking good in the future
And let me keep seeing the pretty girl all alone
Keep acting stupid I just might sccop her!
I don’t know where all that confidence just came from
Cause she probably doesn’t even date any black guys
Its probly sumn her parents told her, where she came from
Cause she probly doesn’t even listen to any rap guys
Like Chelsey, saw your pictures girl you looking good
. . .And Im sorry I was so hood
And I’m sorry that your parents didn’t really like me
Its just that then I didn’t really like me
Man, truthfully I was just really scared
Didn’t want the relationship to escalate like flights of stairs
But I got white brother, these, always have your back guys
Secretly wishing I had some beez in the trap guys

And now everything that I do is getting bigger
But for some reason I still wanna pull this trigger
And make a little extra work for the grave digger
Cause half of my own friends wanna call me a nigger
And that’s even With the ER
have you feel like you feel when you in the ER
The first time I went they told me that I had Tourette’s
And the second time they told me I was clinically depressed
Hell, I just wanna go again to see what ill have next
Freezing diseases is resting right up next to my chest
Game is lookin cut throat but mom and dad cant help
Got a couple same cards mom and dad got dealt
That’s probly why Taylor doesn’t like me
I mean she likes me, just not likes me like me
But that’s fine cause one day ill most likely
Have jealous hater dudes wanna fight me
Not fight me fight me, like riddle fight me
And have European model girls wanna bite me
Not bite me bite me, nibble bite me
And if she ask me if im ready ill say trick I might be
Everything I do is so clean cut
Not even close to my mold when im cutting up
So don’t confuse me for a punchline rapper
Cause im most certainly a crunchtime rapper
Youre such a good fan to me, such a fine clapper
Sinclaire’s a hungry engineer, lunchtime sapper
And if youre not in the army, you might not get that
But id rather not get that line than 8 of my years back
I wish my dad loved my mom get all of my tears back
Wish Stephen didn’t touch my sister get all of my beers back
I wish I didn’t get bullied get all of my cheers back
I was these demons go away get all of my fears back
You probly think Im crazy for telling all my secrets
But that makes me more free than all of you so no regrets
And I stil have a couple that haven’t made lines
But I got a long way to go so just give it time
These sheep-like kids march the same, so just give em dime
So much to say on Twitter but no voice, so just give em mime
They don’t have the time to make a real film, so just give em vine
And Facebook lets em be passive aggressive, so just give em spine
Soulless children need a martyr for starters, so just give em mine
Soulless children need a martyr . . .Just give em mine
These Soulless children need souls
Track Name: The Future
insidious villains are steady killin us
these villainous millions steady billin us
Hey queen vic, you want some tea? How bout some O, R, Y be
What I came for so Y cant U losers C?
The greatest in a rap battle me vs. me
You have to struggle to stay alert cause my lines to deep
Okay heres one I throw you a life saver
Commit to jesus Christ cause he be your life savior
Two roads diverged in a wood im a trail paver
Slice and dice the cypher cause my tongues a light saber
I am the illest – I have been dealing
I am the trillest – I am the villain
Have you screaming bloody mary Like when she sat on a tampon
Have you vibing low key when you put this freaking jam on
I never wanted it to come to this
People who thought my name should been Chris gone jump to this
All of the bros and the hoes they gone hump to this
And even all them “real ass niggas” they gone bump to this

Flow so magic like abra cadabra
Im the myth man legend they calling me chupa cabra
Im eating all these rappers and leaving behind cadavers
Identify the body they run to go get yo father
Yeah, creepin through yo city cause we lurkers
Find the source of trouble then we be goin beserkers
Bad, ballistic, bananas, bonkers
Transmitting sound waves from san diego up to yonkers
Throwing up bile cause I got the sickest lines
Throwing down cash cause I got the biggest fines
Im tored of everything that im doing being local
That’s why in 2,0,1,3 I changed my focal
That’s why everybody that im seeing think im loco
That’s why I don’t give a crap, laugh and drink a soco

And know, that’s just enough to change the game
Add some instruments towards enlightening the brain
Like how I used to write them girls all those letters
Saying nice things like “hoping you feel better”
It been a while since I was friends with Brianna
I wont lie ill still Ill still give it a shot if she wanna
If she stop being sketch like walking in tiajuanna
Our love could be so sweet like them leaves from Teavana
But. . . that’s all gone now
And soon ill make it big and all of this will feel wrong now
Confusing who my friends are, they trying to hand me bongs now
Confusing who real women are they trying to hand me thongs now
. . .wont believe me til I do it
Until then straighten my hat and say screw it
Its hard for you to handle this madness
But don’t be scared cause that’s just a front for this sadness
That I try to hide to no avail cause I cant lie
No emcee I wont try, no fear cause I cant die
Yoooooo. . . stop being so foolish
You should sit back and relax and let me do this
Track Name: Getting There
People tryna shed light but we really all dark
Kids wish they made of iron so they could walk to the park
I mean literally not to be like tony stark
Its not to be sprayed by AKs when they spark
The 9s, 22s, 4,5, beams
We all become mathematicians when the gun barrel gleams
Or better yet track stars who is usain bolt
Took off like lightning but your best friend felt the jolt
I know these kids tricked into thinking they got family
But what kinda family kill somebody else family
Hatfields and Mccoys, you the pawns and the toys
For a much larger game didn’t know you was employed
. . . . . .you didn’t know you was employed
by the druglord slave master raping you of joy
What kind of life is it to live if you equate yourself to Satan spawn
Chillin like a villain til you killed on your front lawn
Nothing else matters cause people is really dying
These killers is really trying, yo brain cells is really frying
Don’t transcend to them they be like where the hell you come from
And black and white make gray they be like where the hell you run from
You don’t belong here, don’t believe what you hear
Cause each side is just tryna control you with the same fear
And if we trade places I too would be scared
But just give me some time and ill be . . . and ill be
getting . . . . . . . . . . . . . there
I’ll help you
Track Name: Fall In Love
. . .and god knows shes beautiful
but shes freaking nuts so I pushed her back like a cuticle
and shes dumb all the choices she makes are stupid
but whos more dumb her or me for succumbing to cupid
but we connect on a much deeper level
like when you comin off the HIGH DIVE and you REALIZE
that the DEEP SIDE wasn’t as deep as your SWEET EYES
that try to REPRISE in my heart after these SWEET LIES
. . .so im wondering if its worth it
giving you my heart while telling you not to hurt it
but, she told me that she STILL would though
im not even touching you and I STILL got the wood though
that’s what you do to me internally
so it made sense that you sent me to the infirmary
when, I was dying of heart failure
but THAT doctor said I aint got the cure for what ails ya

He said, you gotta fix it from the source
So I went to you to figure out when we got off course (so) (Corso)
I’m talking and analyzing your DEFENSES
I’m slowly breaking her down until SHE SENSES
. .That I am in the red zone
I can hear the slow beat of your heart, turn up my headphones
. . . after months of stimulation
I prodded her and she told me the whole situation
She said in past relationships, commitment she was ditchin
And one dude left her pride and dignity broken and glitchin
And now these gashes on her heart are much too big for stitchin
And I’ve only told three other people no need for snitchin
But I aint one to not handle the heat up in the kitchen
So I told her sweetly, theres something I need to mention
. . .See Ive been think-ing about it
And I think I love you but part of me wants to doubt it

Cause I know if I make love my final answer
I’ll own it til the fat lady sings and IM the dancer
But. . .I still said it that night
Even though you said I didn’t mean it and put up a fight
You just think that youre not worthy of being loved (read fatst)
But I wanna be with you through the night and kiss you on the morning of
You said you didn’t want it to be awkward
But now I never see yo im going by what the hawk heard
I put a note under your pillow saying that I would be there for you
And I mean even though I don’t visibly care for you
I just ask one question in all of my prayers
If someone else looks inside your heart will I be there (repeat)
. . .Will I be there?
Track Name: Sorry Ma
And I wonder if you still think about me in that little house
Thinking when my body gon catch up to my big mouth
And its only gotten bigger since I got some beats to feed it
And I use it to make it sound as if you have been defeated
But the truth of the matter is Im always sticking my hands out
Remember when we went into stores with no money but picking brands out
Fourth or fifth birthday got dat new sega genesis
In the projects living lives that had them haters having jealous fits
Cause in retrospect I realize that some people wanted to be you
Cause you had that junk on lock you got whatever that you need to
Now you knew that everything you did wasnt the right decision
And I know you sorry those misdemeanors caused all our division

This is all Nanny B’s fault, that old ass mean lady
She didn’t love you like she should, can’t believe that she hurt my baby
I don’t blame for your choices cause she didn’t have a model role
Getting abused physically and mentally can leave a hollow soul
But you still found love as a consequence of breeding me
Made sure that you did what you had to do to keep feeding me
And yeah it sucked being homeless for a minute that was true
But I would have been homeless forever if it meant being with you
Track Name: Kool-Aid
This is me telling all my friends im sorry
I tried to do good but it just seems that im sorry
I sacrificed that girls innocence, hari kari
Making all the wrong moves could have had that girl on Maury
I could say it was how I was raised to make excuses
That’s only if it shifts the blame, is that what it reduces
Its easy to think im here just off a bunch of dumb luck
Im the swine before the pearls point me to the nearest dump truck
Thats why after ev-e-ry de-cision I make I seem to regret it
Cut-ting up and being a burden is all in my blood its really genetic
But surely I could get it together now cause this is pathetic (fast)
I reconsider my past that could be my future cause this is prophetic
half truths and whole lies wrapped me in the armed forces
two suicide attempts made a couple armed choices
slept in my car behind the dorm for a spell
took showers on the hall to stay fresh you couldn’t tell
its funny how I got along fine when I had nothing
but when those loans came through I thought that I was something
spent every single dollar that I had on minutiae
changed my style to be a new man just to confuse ya
pretty low on the dough where did it all go
I ate the most of it what the bank statement show
Dang, it seems im back to square one
Thinking that this life isn’t really fair huh?
But its my fault, its my fault, put me on the cross
Already pierced my own side let me die from blood loss
. . .Tell me how much this blood cost
let me go and sell this plasma before im completely lost
that blood money got my top lip shivering
cause it’s a cold world hard lessons its delivering
lifes been knocking hard so I got knocked down
like three four times but on the ground look what I found

I was looking ridiculously foolish amounting to a discouraged fool
TilIheardavoicering out from my head and my heart say don’t letthis discourage you
Discourage who, discourage me, ive done this to, make you like me
And soon all others before you will see, Whose chosen who, you’ve chosen me
Every block and wall and barricade was perfectly planned so don’t even worry
Waking up in infinitis now bugattis come later so don’t even hurry
Just think of it as everyone being all the ingredients you are the heater
Stop thinking everybody koolaid better they use artificial sweetener
Don’t be coveting over the other side of the grass stop filling with greed
Little do they know they grass turning to brown they front lawns fillin with weeds
Why does it seem that all the scales of justice are lopsided you ask
Because ive been scheming and deeming a future where you have larger task
You see im grabbing it all with my right hand, with pencil in left im making these plans
Im giving to you so you understand, what you need to do to be ruling this land
You suffered like Christ, your clean in my eyes
He already died, so don’t be surprised
Ive dotted the eyes, so you can save lives, and God will provide but you have to die


I realize I was supposed to suffer
and im meant to suffer up until my last supper
Track Name: Feather
Everybody wanna make it to the mountain top
But its kinda like Tennesee, it’s a rocky top
Hey, don’t you freaking come to meee
Talking sideways out your mouth like did you seeee
That XYZ was with BLAH BLAH BLAH
You stupid B I say HA HA HA
Flow light as a feather, the lines I got are so clever
You feeling under the weather, you need to get it together
Everythings I makes a classic like a masterpiece
You can keep your freaking blaster I have mastered peace
So blast me with the camera cause Im going ham
Cause words I shoot are bullets that’s louder than glocks going blam
Haters looking jelly when they find out who I am
Preserves in both hands now tell me you don’t like my jam
I rock beats for the king im a good heir
Floating like a feather through the freaking air!

I should probs get ready for this BIO class
Not to beat a dead horse but im kicking ass
When these people gon realize im the cool kid
Maybe when I don’t give a crap like my school did
I remember there was women I would pine over
Now they got a couple kids I change my mind over
I remember I wanted to be a DOPE BOI
Now im addictive to listeners because im DOPE BOI
. . .and that’s for sure BOI
you don’t really wanna pop off that piece for show BOI
So you can keep your gold chains dude I got bars
and im from another planet so I got stars
Flashing lights follow me in the form of cop cars
Cause Im spittin fire the listeners ears got charred
I rock beats for the king im a good heir
Floating like a feather through the freaking air!

So stop sleeping, its past time to chase your dreams
Stop weeping, this time be on the winning team
Don’t worry bout what they doing man just do ya thang
See how you shine in the darkness how the lights beam
So change the game we have the technology
Not just for rap, but change your own philosophy
Haters always gonna hate, don’t be afraid of dem
Cause they’ll be the first ones trying to quit in the stadium
Track Name: Stick Around (Cover) Ft. Austin Murphey
I remember we was sitting outside the bar
Sitting across the street hiding behind parked cars
I was mad I told that girl I wanna be a star
But if im gonna do it then I gotta go far
Like, maybe the atlantic or pacific ocean
Getting baptized by the water bringing lotion
She laughing thinking I am such a little jokester
But she laugh to keep from crying, what you gotta go for?
. . .thats what she asked me so sadly
. . .because I fit in so badly
im beginning to run low on my homies
cant find a girl down to ride so im getting lonely
the path that im walking down getting really stony
I don’t even know if these people really know me
I don’t think this city even knows my potential
I need support for my cause that’s essential
Tell me how youd feel if you knew you couldn’t be you
Who would you believe if every word you said wasn’t true
To save people from bondage takes bravery
But I need to run away from my own slavery
That’s how I feel every day that I wake up
Every single day a bigger cross that I take up
Spouting off reasons why I should leave tomorrow
Little did I know my words filling her with sorrow
She clutching me tight, her tears are soaking my chest
I told her alright, ill save her from knowing the rest
She was scared and a little bit confused
I had an offer that I hoped she would amuse
I said im not certainly leaving, I only might
But if you want I could stay with you for the night
And if I leave this something to remember me by
These secret feelings that we shared we cant deny
I don’t even that think she understand my music
But I think I love her so might as well just excuse it
Cause later in the years when the money and the fame abound
I just might come back, maybe ill stick . . .around
Track Name: Illuminate
Youre about to be initiated into a secret society
Even tough its public no one joins because we force sobriety
See we got them bars see we got that gold but it all might turn to ashes
Getting put behind bars cause we getting told what to do by them freaking fascists
See we got these leaders sneaky snakes being so authoritarian
I can see the futures dim even though im bought to hop in the delorean
Our founding fathers probably think that we got it wrong
Because all our modern leaders wanna delete this song
Because these flunkies tryig to steady take us off our focus
They swarming media streams with disease like they some locusts
like, I just finished watching the kardashians man what did you do?
How did less people watch the inauguration of the president than honey boo boo
That’s freaking stupid, man what the hell is wrong with us
World power but these other nations hatred strong for us
Cant hear cant see cant breathe an that’s just all our debt you feeling
And we aint gon stop aint you heard lil wayne boy we aint got no ceilings

Cause we want more! We all want more!
Til we consumed so much we cant fit outside outside or doors!
So we stay locked in watching pictures on the screen
Where people lie in every scene, telling you what the world really mean
Like “we need more gun laws” but that wont really help
Cause criminals don’t abide laws or buy guns off the shelf
Or when women say no then that means no men got that right
We talk about sex like we talk about fashion like it’s the new black
But its more like a drug and its got my city looking like it’s the new jack
And how did they dupe these black kids into hating a free education
Don’t even know how to read a book or type on computers
But they know how to read that fear in yo eye and work out them shooters
I swear the youth of our nation growing too fast
And if we keep it up this first world will be dead last

The people really hold the power but they got it twisted
All the answers in they face but I think they missed it
Maybe if you weren’t so consumed with tryna reach stardom
You would see the best way to become famous is martyrdom
This world is tryna speed you through this life so just pause
You need to stand up for whats right and fight for just cause
So fight until you die even down to yo pair of fists
And don’t accept no deals we don’t negotiate with terrorists
Track Name: Many Me
Regular me
So its time to start the show
Got the goon squad wit me how many do you know
Got the fool kids here so we bout to really show
All you normal motherfreakers how to really start the glow
I told you greatest rap battle me vs. me
Now this battle royal but its more like a team
Don’t worry okay cause you only gotta know one
But know in one on one I already won
. . .So don’t try to stop me
like Justin Timberlake girl please don’t chop me
free album came out yelling please go cop me
too many me’s in that picture please don’t crop me
suffering from brain damage tell me where that clot be
probs be assassinated yelling out who shot me
they say assassination when you great
well if that’s the case then how long does it take
I know you got the formula give me the rubric
Read with eyes wide shut call your boy Kubric
We’re kinda like brothers but we’re all so estranged
The parts of a better whole that’s why we exchange
I might be diseased like my brain got the mange
Im giving details itll all be arranged

Distraught me

Getting pretty desperate for some money
Laughing when I get cause people start acting funny
You ever did some lil strange for some change
Ill give details if you don’t think im deranged
Got beat up took my shoes but I got those back
Got abused hated on but I got those tracks
Less of a home its nothing to me now
Cause anything is better than that halfway house
Wonder what its like to have all that cash
F-our enemies don’t give them dudes dap
I came along from let that kool-aid splash
Let that man get gas let that man get fat
Money and the jewels let that man get that
But the fame is a beast don’t let that man get trapped

Ghetto me

Now what you assholes say
You blacker than me I think you might rephrase
When I come over there and I slap you in the mouth
You might reconsider what the hell you talking bout
Got me confused if you think im from suburbia
Change a couple letters it was more like disturbiaaaaa
Yeah. . . and im disturbing ya
Saying that im white give me power for kiss curbing ya
what you say now what you think think think think
Titanic dreams in the hood they just sink sink sink sink
When shells drop from the AK like tink tink tink tink
crush your skull with a bat like bink bink bink bink

Arrogant me

Relaaax. . . everything will be fine in due time
. . .until then ill keep murdering dudes with these rhymes
messengers stocks got the brokers occupying wall street
don’t try to to profile try walking a mile occupying all feet
im beating these sucker emcees down on beats its not pretty
I already told you im the games dark night and this is gotham city
More like arkham city, you could even say asylum
They shiver and shake and quiver and ache and run away as I come
Everyone is stepping aside for the sing song lark
Sliping and sliding accros the beat like oil on some tarp
Everyone thinks I should stop being centered on myself
But I swear im much more centered on the belt
Im shedding the light on all of the dark so you can freaking stop it
Ive decided to run the rap game now so you can freaking drop it
Cant you see me fly im a kind ima soar
Im the lord of the rings of the flies of the war

Suicidal Me

. . .Basically im suicidal
tying up a noose reading verses from a bible
im getting pretty sick pretty carnal pretty tribal
ain’t been the same since chris had his girl go bridal
Don’t bother getting close cause im always a lone
Wolf im a beast when the full moons shown
barely passed that class got the grade but its final
playing reindeer games but my fantasy is final

Regular me

Dudes you really need to get it together
Cause we all fight as one all tied to this tether
Bound by this heart that beats proud like a lion
And if im lying on the track that’s the day that im dying
Cause In the terrifying face of a future tongue
Down from a huntable surplus to one
Track Name: Reverence
. . .Flow so ugly it’ll rearrange faces
Bars got feng shui cause its rearranging places
Had it since birth I’m on that ish that you cant be on
That’s why im Alabamian, back to back champion
These voices, in my head always telling me to kill
Getting killed in my dreams but these tracks I kill is real
This taking too much skill, im watching the blood spill
Humility to trill, im making these meek mills
Surely all that talk Had me shook
Surely all these bars had you hooked
Jostled just from jumping on these jacks got me Jittery
Lost, Lightly limping laughing languishing in liberty
tweaking like tyrone biggums in a crack famine
steal the show and then I gotta go im like a black phantom
think im still the same then you must be STUPIIIIIID
photographs last longer, man take two PIIIIICS

class now in session you can call me the Tutor
heir to the crown you can call me the Tudor
two men one track you can call me the mover
lurking in the water like a freaking barracuda
Everybody know I got bars like a freaking prison
Laying down the law when I speak so you gotta listen
But I confuse them so they hate then they start the dissin
But when them girls alone thinking bout me start to glisten
Guess I haven’t made til they think im illuminati
all the girls I grab be naughty, soon these beats will all will bodied
This game is a blood sport, im jean claude vann dame
They hearing all my old ish they all applaud man damn
People used to overlook me now they say this cant be
And now im on another level that these posers cant see
Tryin to take these ladies out they acting really trampy
Serve you up with white wine, call that shrimp scampi

Girl think im looking for a little Deep throooat
No but I do wanna get deep dooooe
Cut all the bull I am no d rooooose
Im a rap genius you gon have to decoooode
. . .All my verses like Like that
. . .Scratching on ya scalp like how he write that
. . .All I needs the right one to hear the right track
Then ill have all these major labels tryna write back
Track Name: 1 Time (Outro)
Yeah, seems that I’m on the brink of greatness
Having fans fans fiending for the new album on a wait list
This is uncharted territory homie you cant rate this
And for anyone who thought I couldn’t do it you can take this
. . .cause this ones for the fans
the ones that was there from the beginning gone be sitting in the stands
. . .nah sitting backstage
then they all come out on the stage
for a couple songs while we show em how to rage
and when that’s done best believe they getting paid
that’s the trickle down effect
making bacon better than Reagan what the hell else you expect
pass me the mic let me check it, let me wreck it
neeww album out they gone speck it ima deck it
bending waves of the future like beckham high tech it
when you great they all beckon let me rest for a second

. . .And I’m back with the plan
Sinclaire’s by my side yeah im back with the man
Two halves make a whole got the brains in a can
No need to be surprised I understand if you a fan
Way above radar, flow so detectable
And the fruit so juicy, production so delectable
And your sound stale, songs so dejectable
Im just eating these rappers im hannibal lecterble
. . .Cause the styles above average
Ben had bars don’t confuse me with Savage
But when the world meets this boy
Ill show em all how I treat this this thing like a toy
Cause it bring me joy man the game is my plaything
And I aint dead yet but the angels still may sing

. . .1 time for the fans
who was there day 1 when I knew I was man
. . .and 1 time for the team
who all had my back wait until you get the cream
yeah. . .and 1 time for the crew
we gon change the game yeah you know how we do
cause it bring me joy man this game is my plaything
and I aint dead yet but the angels still may sing


Yo, 1 time for those bullies
They showed me how to not let people get to me
They just mad cause tbey was wack
And it was plain to see I had a knack to attack
Wait for Friday like craig just so I could mack
But I couldn’t go out with no job no jack
So 1 time time for my bosses
Hope rusty never knows about all those “losses”
All the transactions not made
Mom was a g, I know some tricks of the trade
So 1 time for mom and the dad
Even though my past still makes me kinda sad
Ill deal with it forever but the past is the past
The future looks bright so no need to get mad
So 1 time for the future
Album and a mixtape 1 summer that’s a twofer
That’s cause I got my life ahead of me
. . .And everything I used to be is so freaking dead to me
im so freaking ready B
to flip songs not burgers make steady cheese
God, I am so impatient!
Stress levels so high ima be an inpatient
. . .i should just calm down
cause the storm comes later when the exes will abound