Love Notes

by Lovelight The Messenger

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This is a small collection of songs about love, in honor of Valentines Day. Hopefully these songs can help you realize what true love is. If you've ever been in love, I'm sure you'll be able to relate.


released February 14, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Upton Sinclaire. In his apartment. Like a boss. "Feelings" belongs to Dean Priest.




Lovelight The Messenger Montevallo, Alabama

Split/Brain is comprised of Lovelight, The Messenger and producer Upton Sinclaire. They're still in college, and they make dope music. They stay spreading positive subliminal messages while giving you constant eargasms. Don't shoot.

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Track Name: The Worst (Remix)
My bros like, “Please don’t fight me. She’s no wifey.”
She’s unlikely, but she just might be.
The best thing I ever came across
I’m bout to try my freaking hardest to change her last name to Cross
Had my designs on you from the first time I laid eyes
And all that depression melted away, where those gray skies
White picket fence, and some green grass
Looking super duper in that co(o)upper we careen past
All the doubters with their words of negativity
Funny how you break a man down with such simplicity
Funny how I met you thinking now its serendipity
Its funny how its all over now, she’s just not into me
Well that’s enough to get me feeling some type of way
Cause you been out the house acting prodigal, I chose to stay
But its fine when you run the risk of looking like a fool
When you spend your heart on love the return is always full

Ehhhh, I admit I don’t really need you
But I won’t lie I’ll still take you back if we agreed to
Moved forward with our eyes on the same prize
Fall back from the guise (guys) and the same lies
I won’t lie I been caught up like an idiot
Pushing on her pressure points but she was never feeling it
Thinking if she ever think of me with dude she dealing with
Couldn’t see all the ugliness, she was concealing it
But we just, break up to make up, we back at it
Wake up, and break up, we crack addicts
You addicted to the emptiness inside you
Fall in love with anyone so you can say goodbye to
The incomplete completeness that you feeling temporarily
But I can see it clearly so I’ll back up voluntarily
Cause I don’t need you, but I want you, that’s a given
Hope you’re not offended by these honest words that I’ve written

Where you going girl,tell me what you looking for
Need to put a stop to your mans, what he lurking for,
(If I ain't got it, they ain't got it)
Girl you know the show not over, what you closing curtains for
Energy spent running, what you been exerting for
(If I ain't got it, they ain't got it)
Track Name: Love'Song
Do you really know what love is?
I could show you
But you will never learn
You will never learn
You will never learn
Even though your heart begs for it
But you will never learn
You will never learn
You will never learn
Even though your heart cries for it
You know that I would run
You know that I would run for you
You know that I would run
I would run the whole world to you
But you will never learn
You will never learn
You will never learn
Even though your heart begs for it
Even though your heart cries for it
But you will never learn
You will never learn
You will never learn
You will never learn
Even though your heart begs for it
Even though my heart cries for you
Track Name: Dean Priest ft. Lovelight The Messenger - Feelings (Remix)
Before I start, here’s the ending
Heart is racing while our relations are always pending
Feet are pacing while all these text messages say sending
Hands are bracing while my mind and my heart begin blending
Don’t you know that all those letters were sealed with a kiss
In the most feeble of attempts to preserve our little tryst
And now that we are nothing I hope that you know you’re missed
I’ll write this in remembrance with blood that’s dripping from my wrist
Cause. . . that pain, it cut so deep
I think I’ll read those words again just so that I can weep
I’m wondering if I should ever really know the truth
Tryna make it all make sense while penning rhymes up in the booth
Give your heart up to a fighter then you get a heart attack
Give a hundred plus percent and only get a quarter back
And that don’t even add up, say what kind of chart is that
But I’ll still love you all forever now tell me how smart is that